Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement

Part III: ENHANCE, involves:

  1. Download > save > review PDF "Part III: ENHANCE"
  2. Download > save > review > work with PDF "OnStrategy Complete Guide to Strategic Planning"
  3. Download > save > view video "StoryBrand - How the Story Works"
  4. Download > save > review > complete PDF "Brandscripts" (two sizes)
  5. Download > save > review > work with PDF "StoryBrand workbook"
  6. Review PDF sections on: Relationship value curve, Tony Robbins decision value steps and checklist of opportunities for business improvement.
  7. Download > save > view video "Positive Intelligence Intro"
  8. Visit our eLearning course on Strategic Account Management, with our sales training partner The Rain Group

LifeForce Your Marketing Agency_Part III - ENHANCE.pdf
OnStrategy Complete Guide to Strategic Planning.pdf
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